RV Electrical

The electrical system on a RV can be extremely complex and a minor electrical issue can cause the failure of some very expensive electrical components. Let our professional technicians help you keep the electrical system of your Motorhome, Travel Trailer or RV in proper working condition.Whether it's your 12 volt or 120 volt system, we can help. Our technicians are trained and have the proper tools and equipment to quickly locate the problem and get it corrected.

Need to update the old electronics like televisions, stereos, VCR's and satellite systems in your RV? At Bakersfield RV Center we can recommend options for you, or if you already have something specific in mind we can accommodate your request.

From basic modifications like adding a 12 volt power outlet or an additional 120 volt outlet to installing complete invertor systems, we can help. Give us a call today and see how we can assist you with all your RV repairs.