RV Plumbing

Major damage can occur from a simple RV plumbing leak, it does not take long for leaking water to cause serious flooring and cabinetry damage. Don't sacrifice the condition and re-sale value of your Motorhome, Travel Trailer or Rv by not addressing even the smallest of water leak in your RV.

RV plumbing systems can be complex, some leaks are just hard to find due to the routing of the plumbing lines and reduced access making it sometimes impossible to visually inspect the source of the leak. Let Bakersfield RV Center help you with all your plumbing concerns.

We stock most replacement plumbing parts and have the necessary tools and equipment to repair plumbing to factory specification.

Having a broken or damaged holding tank can cause weeks of down time as most all RV service centers do not stock replacement tanks and these tanks typically take weeks to receive once ordered. Bakersfield RV Center stocks some of the most popular tanks eliminating the weeks of down time for these type of repairs.