Rubber Roof Preventative Maintenance

You have have a lot invested in your Motorhome, Travel Trailer or RV, maintaining your RV rubber roof and sealants will prevent serious water damage and preserve the value of your investment. It is recommended by every RV manufacturer to inspect the condition of your roof sealants at least once every year and reseal any loose, gaped or lifting areas as may be necessary. Failure to keep the exterior sealants in good condition will result in water leaks that can destroy the framing and paneling in your walls and roof. There is absolutely no reason to allow this to happen to you, Bakersfield RV Center offers free roof sealant inspections, bring your unit in and allow us to inspect your roof at no cost to you for potential problems. Bakersfield RV Center offers an array of roof related services, let us help you preserve and protect your investment.

Roof Related Services

  • Clean RV rubber roofs with specially designed cleaning agents
  • Apply UV-blocking treatment designed to protect your rubber roof membrane
  • Apply RV rubber roof coating to bring an older rubber roof back to life
  • Clean, scrape and re-seal roof components, moldings and seams
  • Complete RV rubber roof replacements

Exterior Window and Molding Sealants

Like your roof, most of the moldings and in some cases the windows have sealants applied to protect your investment from water leaks. These sealants are just as important as roof sealants when it comes to prevention of costly water damage. Our experienced technicians will clean, prep and re-seal any area of concern leaving you with peace of mind knowing that you have been responsible in maintaining your exterior sealants.